Storm Water Management
The true impact of changing the historic landscape of Iowa often goes unnoticed. Through experience with various projects, site visits, and storm water education programs Nilles Associates, Inc. (NAI) understands how land use changes have altered our streams, rivers and wetlands. We have worked hard to make storm water management and pollution prevention a primary area of our design expertise and a key strength of our firm.  

NAI has staff has applied their storm water expertise in a variety of project types. This experience includes a variety of storm water routing and modeling techniques, FEMA studies, and water quality Best Management
Practices (BMPs).

NAI has designed and constructed facilities that are compliant with requirements of the Statewide Urban Design Standards & Specifications and the Iowa Storm Water Management Manual.  

Storm Water Management Services include:
● Community Planning
● Watershed Assessments
● Storm Water Modeling and Master Plans
● Stream Corridor Improvements
● Design of Storm Water Management Areas
● Application of Water Quality Practices
● NPDES Storm Water Permitting
● Low Impact Development Design
● Culvert Analysis
● Agricultural Drainage
● Flood Forecasting
● Erosion Control
● Wetland Delineation, Permitting, and
● Comprehensive Storm Water Management
● Surface Water Pollution Prevention Programs
● Development of Ordinances and Storm Water
● Design of Construction and Post-Construction ● Best Management Practices (BMP)