Transportation & Traffic
Nilles Associates, Inc. (NAI) provides transportation design systems that range from neighborhood streets to multi-lane arterials.  During the design process, experienced staff always keep in mind the ultimate goal in transportation and traffic design – the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

With this goal in mind, NAI staff combines information analysis with public participation, prioritizing needs, forecasting future conditions, and visualizing innovative solutions.


NAI experienced staff provides a full range of services to carry projects from inception through construction observation. Our knowledgeable staff of field personnel will aid in ensuring quality construction throughout the project.

Transportation Services include:
● Traffic Planning/Forecasting
● Traffic Signalization
● Circulation/Parking
● Streetscapes
● Street Construction/Improvements
● Park and Ride/Transit Hubs
● Right-of-Way and Acquisition Assistance
● Pavement Design and Soil Analysis
● Pavement Management
● Development Site Access Planning
● Erosion Control
● Site Traffic Impact Analysis
● Funding Programs
● Construction Administration
● Observation Services