Wastewater Services

Nilles Associates, Inc. (NAI) works closely with our clients to deliver quality, cost effective, and energy efficient wastewater treatment solutions to meet today’s environmental concerns.

NAI staff stays current with state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods to provide the best possible solutions for each client’s situation.

Design specialties at NAI include collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal for projects ranging from simple on-site residential/commercial wastewater treatment systems, to small cluster developments, to large scale municipal systems.

Wastewater Services include:
● Conceptual Design
● Feasibility Studies
● Long-term System Planning and Capital
● Treatment Lagoon Design and Rehabilitation
● Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
● Odor Control Programs
● Wastewater Treatment Facility Planning and
● Permitting/Licensing/Regulatory Compliance
● Funding Program Assistance
● Wastewater Rate Studies
● Construction Administration and Observation
● Collection System Analysis and Design
● Collection System Rehabilitation and
    Replacement Design
● Lift Station and Force Main Design
● Technical Operations Assistance
● Process Control System Design
● Industrial Pretreatment Program Development
● Asset Management
● Plan of Action Reports
● Flow Equalization Basin
● Alternative Wastewater Treatment Technology
● Inflow/Infiltration Studies

Field Services include:
● Smoke Testing
● Flow Metering
● Dye Testing